Are Public Schools a “Safe Space” for Christian Kids?

It seems like the Ontario public school curriculum of 2018 is more concerned with gender and sexual ideology than the 3Rs.  In this workshop, we will look at the curriculum and policies in place in our public schools and the potential they have to affect children’s identity and beliefs – from kindergarten through high school.  You will be equipped with the truth about what is happening in the public system and ready to talk with families about these issues, including helping them to discern the best approach for them with respect to their children’s education.


Ontario Curriculum Overview: How the Ontario curriculum addresses barriers to acceptance of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

Education Options for Christian Families: A look at public, private and homeschool options.

The Antidote to the Gender and Sexuality Identity Crisis: Discipleship

Is there anything a Christian parent or children’s ministry worker can do to better prepare children for the challenges to their identity that come from today’s  culture?  The answer is yes!  Considering that it is their identity that is at stake, we need to firmly establish in our children what their identity truly is: who God made them to be.  Together we will unpack an approach that we believe will help you take on this critical task with the children in your care.


Family Mission Statement: One of the strategies that we discuss is drawing your child into their family identity.  This handout will give you a starting point for this process.

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